ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — This year that heat could cost less than previous winters. The New York State Public Service Commission announced that prices for electric and gas are down for the 2019 winter season.

Residents in Rochester are excited about the possibility of lower bills for heating this winter.

“I’m content, I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know if that will be the case but I’m looking forward to it,” said Myron Billups, a homeowner. 

“I’m hoping this year will be less. Cause its been quite high in the past,” said Betty Hicks, a Rochester renter.     

Residential customers using an average of 600 kWh of electric heat can expect to pay $34 per month. Those using natural gas can expect to pay around $152 per month or under $760 from November through March with an average use of 720 therms of natural gas.

Both figures are down from last year. Representatives from Isaac Heating & Cooling say the trend could be linked to lower energy prices.  

“Natural gas and electricity prices have been dropping and we’re now at the lowest point we’ve seen in 10 years, if not longer,” said Eric Knaak, vice president, general manager Isaac heating and Cooling.

Knaak says even with the lower prices, it’s still important to check all systems before turning on the heat. Things like checking filters, windows, and thermostat settings can increase heating efficiency in the winter.   

“Don’t ignore your heating system. It’s meant to operate a certain way, it’s meant to operate safely and being sure you get it checked once a year,” said Knaak.

The public service commission says these prices can vary depending on weather conditions but overall both electric and gas customers can expect those lower prices.