Gov. Cuomo: White House in denial, virus response is ‘wrong,’ NYSP to investigate fireworks increase

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NEW YORK CITY (WROC) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a coronavirus update from New York City Monday morning, where he was critical of the federal government’s response to the pandemic.

“I hope everyone had their coffee this morning because it’s time to wake up America,” Gov. Cuomo said. “The White House is in denial about the coronavirus and the federal response is wrong. That’s not a political statement — if you look at the facts that’s just what it says.

“To the president I would say if you want to stop COVID-19 than you should tell the people of this country the truth,” Gov. Cuomo said.

The governor says the federal response has been too eager to reopen the economy prematurely which is causing coronavirus consequences.

“Reopening fast is not good for the economy,” Gov. Cuomo said. “What has been happening is, when that virus spikes the market goes down, not up.”

The governor blamed the federal government for not setting up more testing sites nationwide. According to Gov. Cuomo, the federal government has only set up 41 testing sites throughout the U.S. In contract, the governor says New York state has set up more than 750 testing sites.

“The denial of the federal government of the severity of this virus was followed by the federal government’s abandonment of responsibility,” Gov. Cuomo said.

While states in the south and west continue to see a surge of virus cases, New York state’s pandemic progress continues to improve, seeing decreasing rates of hospitalization rates, new cases, and virus deaths.

“Lowest number of hospitalizations in New York since this nightmare began, 853 — amen,” Gov. Cuomo said. “Down to eight deaths yesterday. At one time we had 800 deaths per day, today we have eight.”

The governor said New York will continue to offer help to other states who need it.

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“I will never forget how good other states were when New York needed help, and the door swings both ways. We have offered help to any state that is experiencing a spike we have personnel who know this better than anyone in the US.”

The governor discussed an increase in fireworks heard in New York City and across the state, saying the New York State Police will investigate.

“Fireworks are illegal. It sounds like the wild west,” Gov. Cuomo said. “I’ve never heard it like this before. It’s disturbing, it bothers people, and potentially dangerous. It’s illegal and the police department needs to enforce the law. NYSP will start fireworks enforcement detail.”

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The governor said increasing viral spread across the nation is problematic because travelers can bring it to New York. Last week the governor announced a tri-state travel advisory which will require incoming travelers from areas with high infection rates to self-quarantine for two weeks upon arrival.

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