One week to go until the Great New York State Fair

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GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR) — All across the fairgrounds,  you’ll find trucks unloading, rides going up and crews building inside the Expo Center.

“We’re always adding more seating, more benches. We added two more parks this year to add more green space and landscaping,” said Fair Director Troy Waffner.

Crews are coming and going through the gates 24/7. Stages are getting set and vendors are parking their wheels.

Waffner said, “You always have the crazy food coming out and you have a lot of new vendors.”

What you’ll also find on the fairgrounds is plenty of State Troopers and Deputies. They are part of the team that is working hard so we can relax.

“It’s a different kind of world we’re living in now with people wanting to make public statements at public events,” Waffner said. “We have 300 troopers, we have cameras, we have undercover and we also have an amazing emergency operations center during the fair to monitor everything on the fairgrounds, on social media related to the fair, to make sure nothing happens here.”

Making sure the only things that do happen here are the concerts, the food tastings, and all the fun.

“It is big, it is loud, it is slightly obnoxious at times, it will batter all of your senses, but when you get in, there’s more to do for a buck, or three bucks, 10 bucks than anywhere in the country. It is an experience and it’s more than a one day experience,” Waffner said.

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