New Yorkers score 69% on state history test

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New York state flag (Nicolas Raymond / / CC BY 2.0)

ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — On an Empire State history test, residents of the state reportedly scored the magic number: 69%. That’s according to, who said the nationwide test of state history to combat a sluggish “pandemic brain” brought on by lack of stimulation.

They reportedly quizzed thousands, with the results uncovered that New Yorkers know state history fairly well! With over two-thirds acing the quiz, New York blows the national average—57%—out of the water.

An example question asked in the quiz: What year did the Dutch settle along the Hudson River?




Try out the quiz for yourself!:

Created by Solitaired  • View larger version

Residents of Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Hawaii seem to be most clued in about the history of their states, with a 77% pass rate. On the opposite end, only 21% of Californians passed their quiz, meaning a 79% majority are clueless about the Golden State’s past.

“Many have been affected by ‘pandemic brain,'” said Neal Taparia of “Participating regularly in mind-stimulating games and pop quizzes, as well as brainteasers like word searches and word puzzles can help maintain optimal focus and sharpness during your everyday life.”

By the way, the Dutch first began to settle the Hudson in 1624.

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