(WDVM) — Spring is usually known as a happy time for some but for others, it’s the season of runny noses and watery eyes.

“It’s not the best I’ve already had to call off work due to it,” Taylor Cooper said. “I had a headache and my nose is running so I really can’t stand springtime allergies. “

Symptoms of seasonal allergies have hit people all around the world. Most people say they usually deal with their allergies with any over-the-counter medicine they can get.

“We do a lot of over-the-counter medications since they’ve become over-the-counter before we had to have regular prescription drugs,” Karine Ptak said.

Medical experts say the best way to help with your allergies is to use medicines labeled as antihistamines.

“in allergy season, there are these things called histamines that cause us to produce all of these extra secretions because it is just a reaction to an allergen something that’s coming to us from the outside,” CEO and President of Emerson Clinical Research Institute, Dr. Fabian Sandoval said. “So then there’s medications called antihistamines which block the interactions so that we don’t have that runny nose and those itchy eyes.”

If over-the-counter medications don’t seem to work, officials say you should reach out to your primary care doctor.