“Rochwarts” School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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ICYMI: Social on 8’s top stories for Friday:

  • Amazon has filed a patent to have talking drone propellers that warn people of getting too close.
  • A bar in Cincinatti is taking its inspiration from the New York Stock Exchange. It will have 41 beers on tap and plans to price them dynamically just like stocks.
  • The Kuvee is a smart wine bottle that connects to WiFi, tells you how much wine you have left, and promises to keep it fresh for 30 days. It is now raising money on IndieGoGo.
  • A groom-to-be who proposed to his girlfriend actually dropped the ring into a bay in Alabama when he knelt down. She still said yes.
  • Some businesses got into the April Fools’ jokes including:
    • E-surance is offering “election insurance” to protect your home for four years if you decide to move to canada after the 2016 presidential election.
    • Australian supermarket chain Coles joked that it’s going to replace shopping carts with flying hover trolleys.
    • Soft Star Shoes based in Oregon said it would sell “Jolt” sneakers that send a jolt of electricity to people who need some help to get moving.
  • Kodak continued its April Fools’ tradition by coming up with a goofy robot that follows you around all day taking, printing and posting pictures.
  • The University of Rochester posed as “Rochwarts,” based off of the wizarding world of Harry Potter for April Fools’.

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