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ICYMI: Social on 8’s top stories for Tuesday

  • Political wagering websites are making two predictions about the election. The first, that the nominees will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The second is that Clinton will win.
  • Live streaming app, “Periscope” turns one year old Tuesday. Some 200 million live broadcasts have been streamed so far.
  • Instagram is delaying its newsfeed changes after internet backlash. It is testing arranging photos according to the users’ interests.
  • Apple may be releasing phones that can wirelessly charge on a pad instead of using a cord.
  • Jay Pharoah crashes a Pepsi Spire machine in Times Square in the latest Pepsi ad. The full commercial, here.
  • The Wristocat promises to help people at computers, suspending their wrist using magnets. You can find The Wristocat on IndieGoGo.
  • The Free Hugs chair is a bendable, comfy chair that has arms to enfold you. It was created by Korean designer, Lee Eun Kyoung.

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