Some small businesses in our area are taking advantage of a program that saves energy and money.  It’s offered by RG&E and NYSEG and helps with lighting upgrades. 
At the Ide Family of car dealerships, lighting is important.  It allows mechanics to repair the inner workings of cars and shows off sparkly new paint jobs in the showroom.   
“Obviously the new technology in lighting is more energy efficient, better for the environment and they last longer. I don’t think we’ve had a single LED burn out yet and their brighter and look good.  It’s a win all around,  really no downside,” says Rich Ide, V.P. of the Ide Family of Dealerships. 
The Ide family has taken advantage of the small business energy efficiency program at their Mazda and Volkswagon dealerships and upgrades are in the works at their Honda location.  They replaced all the old fixtures inside and out with new, energy efficient LED’s.
“It enhances the businesses bottom line, reduces energy costs, and they can let their customers know they are energy efficient and green,” says Richard Meier of RG&E. 
This is one of 23,000 businesses in the state to take part in the program since it started in 2010.
The utility company sends in an expert to do an energy audit, then they are given recommendations on how to reduce their energy use through lighting.  
Meier says, “If they implement the recommendations we have, they can get up to 70% reimbursement on the cost of replacing lights with new energy efficient fixtures, bulbs, installing on and off automatic sensors, that type of thing.  It also includes exterior ligting.”
Ide says, “it helps out a lot knowing we are consuming less energy and helping to have a greener planet and it certainly doesn’t hurt to save on the bills.”  A winning combination for businesses and the environment.
For more information on the small business energy efficiency program, click here.