ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Singer-songwriter Alyssa Trahan of East Rochester hasn’t forgotten her roots as she builds a career in Nashville, Tennessee.

Trahan discussed her life in the mecca of country music and her new song “Memories Not Dreams” Tuesday during News 8 at Noon.

“I’ve been in Nashville about four years now,” she said. “It was four years this past January and honestly, I can say it’s truly been crazy and I’ve been very, very blessed. I’ve done things that a lot of people wish to do someday. I’m very thankful, grateful for every opportunity I’ve gotten and it’s a wild ride, but I’m lovin’ it.”

Trahan first appeared on News 8 in late 2015, just before she moved to Nashville to pursue her dream of writing and recording music. It was quite the adjustment. “One of the first days I was in Nashville, I was out getting coffee with someone there, and Reba McEntire walks by,” she recalled. “I was like…oh, we’re not in Rochester anymore. This is insane. Everybody you meet, your waitress, your bartender, your Uber driver, everyone is an incredible musician that could break at any moment. So it definitely took some getting used to, but now that’s one of the things I love because I’m just constantly growing and pushing myself. So it’s been really great. I really love it.”

Trahan said she wrote her new song “Memories Not Dreams” with a couple of good friends. “The whole message behind the song is that you know life is short, and you should go for the things you want while you can because you don’t want to be looking back on your life thinking – oh, I wish I did this, or what if I did this, or man, I coulda done more of this, I should’ve called this person, I should’ve taken this trip. And that’s a big personal message for me because that’s exactly what I was thinking before I moved to Nashville, and a big reason I did it. I didn’t want to be looking back and think – man, what if I did move to Nashville? What if I took that step? Did I miss out on something great? So, just the whole message behind the song is to live your life to the fullest.”

Trahan will be performing at several locations in and around Rochester including B-Side in Fairport on February 26, Red Jug Pub in Brockport on February 27, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Rochester on February 28, and Club Remedy in Farmington on February 29.

“The stage has kinda become my second home,” she said. “And it really does feel like something happens when you step on stage. It’s like, okay, it’s time, we’re gonna perform. And it’s so much fun, and I always look forward to every show. Whether it’s a stripped-down acoustic set or a full band on a big stage, it’s always so much fun.”

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