ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — A new Siena poll released on Wednesday reveals that 70% of those polled say they are happy to live in New York State. The poll also gave insight into what the top attractions are for New Yorkers to see.

The poll says that 70% of New Yorkers are happy to live in New York, while 30% would rather live somewhere else. The Siena College Research Institute (SCRI) says that 71% plan to live in New York five years from today, with 27% saying they will leave the state. For retirement, 60% plan to retire in New York, with 31% planning to retire and live somewhere else.

SCRI says 77% enjoy the presence of people in the state, 73% enjoy access to quality education (72% for healthcare), with 79% rating the state as either excellent or good on the availability of leisure activities. As for affordability, 67% say the state is fair or poor, with 57% saying this is a place where the political system works for people like them. 51% of residents rate the state as “excellent or good,” with 49% rating New York as only “fair or poor,” as being a place where they feel safe from crime.

“Large majorities of New Yorkers say the quality of life in the Empire State is excellent or good, and that they are happy that they live here,” said Don Levy, SCRI’s Director. “But about 30% say they wish they lived elsewhere and 31% plan to leave New York when they retire. Most say that there’s a lot to love here in New York – other New Yorkers, the quality of both education and healthcare, the availability of quality leisure activities, and the opportunity to be successful – but two-thirds give the state a poor grade on affordability, and half of all New Yorkers, and about 60% of lower-income residents, those over 50, Blacks and Republicans say that as a place where you feel safe from crime, the state is only fair or poor.”

Graph via Siena College Research Institute

SCRI says 85% have been to New York City attractions, which include Broadway, Times Square, the Empire State Building, or Ground Zero as an adult. 67% visited the Statue of Liberty, 63% have gone to Niagara Falls, and 60% have been to the State Capital in Albany.

Graph via Siena College Research Institute

“New York State has so much to offer and most New Yorkers have visited the sites of Manhattan but there is still room on the bucket list for many to visit major attractions including the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, and the State Capital,” said Levy. “Only about half of New Yorkers have been to regional treasures like the Long Island Beaches, the Adirondacks, and the Finger Lakes while just a third have visited the Thousand Islands.”