PALM BEACH, FL (WCMH) — Officials in Florida have arrested a Columbus man who they say flew to Florida and wanted to meet with President Donald Trump, as well as smoke marijuana with him. 

According to an affadavit from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, 27-year-old Tyler Jon Marrone arrived at the Palm Beach International Airport on April 18 with intentions of meeting President Trump and “smoking a joint with him at Mar-a-Lago.”

Marrone reportedly said he found a credit card and thought it “was a gift from God,” so decided to buy a plane ticket to Florida to see the president. He told investigators he wanted to drive to Mar-a-Lago to speak to the president. 

Marrone was charged with possession of a Schedule II substance (methamphetamine). He told investigators it was Adderall. 

He was arrested April 20.