ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Mayor Evans announced a snow removal partnership between Regional Transit Service (RTS) and the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO).

The partnership, according to Mayor Evans, will aim at clearing snow from 85 bus stops and shelters in the city in order to reduce weather-related barriers for city-transit riders.

“This is a unique collaboration that will improve the experience and safety of those who rely on public transportation during the winter months,” Mayor Evans said. “In addition, this program allows the City to expand our partnership with Center for Employment Opportunities, providing new jobs to those seeking a second chance.”

According to RTS, the 85 bus stops were selected based on average daily ridership and the number of potential riders who face mobility challenges.

CEO will be screening, hiring, and training formerly incarcerated residents to work on the initiative. The initiative will also be funded by the Office of Violence Prevention, an organization that seeks to hire those who are at risk for violence.

The program will run until April 2023 with the hopes of continuing the partnership into next year.