ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — Memorial Day weekend is nearly here, and Rochester Police have announced stepped-up patrols and resources for the holiday.

Over the next number of days, Rochester Police will have more of a presence on key city streets and at Ontario Beach Park. Lt. Greg Bello said there’s one thing that can enhance, but certainly ruin, the long weekend. 

“Alcohol is the number one factor with the drinking and driving we encourage people to use ride share services whether it be taxis, Uber, Lyft, a designated driver,” said Bello.

But alcohol doesn’t have to factor into your weekend. At Ontario Beach Park Thursday, that really doesn’t seem to be high on most people’s lists. Paige and Danielle will be having a minimalist Memorial Day. 

“Taking it easy, enjoying the weather, it’s supposed to be nice out,” said Paige.

“Doing the same thing, hanging out at home, going in the pool,” said Danielle.

Makayla Zeller just moved here and has a job at Strong Memorial Hospital. She and her sister from Maryland were just polishing off garbage plates from Dog Town.

The Zeller Sisters

“We’re pretty full right now. We’re going to walk them off.” And walk them off they will. This holiday weekend will find them at state and national parks. “Oh yeah, we’re big hikers,” said Zeller.

Nathan Herring and his family will be going to services Sunday at Journey Christian Church, but Monday it’s a call to duty for him. 

“I’m taking my kids we’re going to trail walk and Scouts. They have to fulfill their merit badges. So, I have to start the hiking and everything and do their ‘five miler’ on Monday morning,” said Herring.

Tom Lowrey is having a wood-fired pizza party Sunday, then Monday… well… check out his schedule: 

“Oh yeah, I’m off. In fact, I’m off tomorrow, too (laughs), you gotta use it or you lose it,” he said on his four-day break.

Tom Lowrey ready for a four-day weekend

Now, News 8 doesn’t think Lt. Bello and the RPD have to worry about any of these folks. That being said, RPD will be on high alert for any rough or illegal activity, and Bello wants your help. 

“If disputes start popping up, if issues start popping up, call us, so we can try to get ahead of those. If you’re noticing a violent party in your neighborhood, call us so we can get ahead of those,” said Bello.

When it comes to dirt bikes and ATV riders, Bello said they are targeting that as well with Clinton Avenue being an area of focus. If you see any illegal activity, as always, Bello said you can reach out to the police by calling 911.