Rochester native Nathan Minnehan designed the suit he’s wearing. His company, Big Murphy’s, provides custom suits using a factory in China.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, though, he’s using that factory to create a different kind of suit. “We can make 500 isloation suits a day,” Minnehan said Saturday.

“I was thinking to myself, how can I help the situation, people are gonna need masks,” he added.

So he’s making a million disposable medical masks a day, and they’re on their way to Rochester.

“I have a cousin who works at a hospital in Rochester and she said they’re interested in learning more about our masks, so it’s interesting how quickly it’s progressing,” Minnehan said.

He says it’s a way to re-purpose what he does, to help his neighbors.

I’m in a very unique position and that’s why I was called to do this, Minnehan said, adding, “because you might order something on amazon, or try to order 1,000 of anything, and that’s not to say you’re gonna get it.”