Rochester Center for Disability Rights suing the state health department over funding cuts


The Center for Disability Rights in Rochester has filed a lawsuit against the State Health Department after $75 million worth of funding cuts to Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Programs.

Tammy Papperman is the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) Director at the Center for Disability Rights in Rochester. She works with more than 1,000 people in the Rochester Area who are with the CDPAP.

She says being able to choose your own at home health care provider is a human right.  With the state cuts, shes worried that will change.

“Consumers won’t have another option. So they’ll be going from a situation where they’re able to choose the people who are coming into there homes and providing care or going into an institutional setting. Which is setting us back decades,” said Tammy Papperman Director for Consumer-directed Personal Assistance Programs at Center for Disability Rights. 

75 million dollars in funding has been cut from these Medicaid programs.  This after a report found administrative issues and overbilling for services 

In a statement the state department of health said; 

“The Governor’s Executive Budget maintains the state’s full commitment to the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.  The more than 70,000 self-directing consumers who employ their own aide, including in some cases family members and friends, will continue to receive services as they do today without any reduction in care, with no change in cost, and the program will continue to be available as it is today to new consumers.” 

Papperman believes the cuts will be felt by consumers.

“Those physical intermediates like CDR who are intending to continue to provide this service are going to see an influx of consumers and have to think about scale and margins in terms of providing a continuity of care for those consumers,” said Papperman.

The Center for disability rights in Rochester, as well as 12 other centers around the state,  are suing the department of health to stop the cuts. 

“Our hope is that the cuts will not hold up and that we’ll be invited, as well as of course consumers who actually use the services will be invited into the process with the department of health to find a realistic rate.” 20.54.59 

Congressman Joe Morelle and Assemblywoman Jamie Romeo are also against the budgets cuts. They sent a joint letter calling on the State Health Department to delay the Cuts. 

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