ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester’s Adam Frank makes the Amazon ‘Top New Release’ list after publishing his new book titled “The Little Book of Aliens.”

You might also know Frank as the local Astrophysicist, NASA-Funded Alien Investigator, and the science advisor for Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

The ‘alien optimist’ uses “The Little Book of Aliens” to provide a user-friendly crash course on everything we know or may soon know about intelligent life in the universe.

 “The human species is poised at the edge of its greatest and most important journey,” Frank writes. “Over the past three decades, the scientific search for life in the universe, a field called astrobiology has exploded. We’ve discovered planets everywhere in the galaxy, and we’ve figured out how and where to look for signs of alien life in the atmospheres of these new worlds.”

One of the biggest goals following the release, is to answer some of the ageing questions surrounding how alien life manifests itself, and why it may be an important thing to think about for all of us here on Earth.

“Finally, we are on the road to finding those aliens I was so obsessed with as a kid,” says Frank. “Or we’re on the road to finding out we really are alone in the cosmos. Either answer would be stunning. It’s a pretty damn exciting moment.”

For more information on the book please visit his website here.