ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Congressman Joe Morelle (D-25) is calling on DirecTV and AT&T to end the black out of local television stations.

WROC is one of 120 Nexstar stations across the country currently dropped by DirecTV and AT&T, leaving many of our viewers in the dark.

Morelle said in a statement that denying local programming is irresponsible and a disservice to the community.

Our coporate owner, Nexstar Media Group, says it offered to extend the current deal to keep WROC on the air, but we’re told DirecTV and AT&T refused to continue negotiating.

You can help get News 8 back on the air. Call DirecTV and let them know how you feel. The number is 855-937-9466 or 800-531-5000.

News 8 will keep you updated on the situation.

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