ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) The Checks and Balances for Legislative Equality, or the “CABLE Act 2019”, was withdrawn by the county legislature yesterday. GOP leadership there says they’re going to wait until 2020 to better work together on the CABLE Act. ​A rally was held in Rochester celebrating the withdrawal of the bill.

County legislature republicans are saying the cable act was intended to increase transparency and accountability, —–but it’s now become a distraction from other issues. County Executive-Elect Adam Bello says the public spoke on this and gave a resounding “no.”

“And so, two times now in two weeks, voters stood up and stood up for themselves and stood up for a new direction,” says Bello.

Alex Hipolito with the Irondequoit Democratic Committee, says the CABLE act would have limited Bello’s power to appoint key cabinet positions. 

“It’s not okay to chance the rules halfway through the game. We had an election, the voters spoke, they asked for new ideas, new energy and new leadership. They elected Adam Bello,” says Hipolito.

“These kind of shenanigans don’t surprise me anymore,” says Jeremy Tjhung. He says it’s time to let the GOP know voters are watching.

“I feel like this is the beginning of having to watch the GOP like toddlers because they’re just going to try and keep getting away with things,” says Tjhung.

With the CABLE act pulled for 2019, Bello says he’s already looking ahead to January 2020. 

“We’re going to put together a government that works for everybody and really starts to look at economic opportunities, the opioid crisis, services for families and children,” he says.