ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Leaders with Rochester’s National Alliance on Mental Illness, better known as “NAMI,” are highlighting all of the programs and services the organization offers.

This, in an effort to keep an ‘extended arm’ to the community when it comes to mental health.

This year, the United States Surgeon General called for raising the alarm and stronger action to address what he deems a ‘public health crisis’ when it comes to loneliness and isolation.

The CDC, also raising the alarm on mental health impacts on youth. Programs offered by NAMI include family, educational, and peer-to-peer support groups.

“The peers come together, and they share experiences, they start with a meeting which is all peer-led,” NAMI Rochester Executive Director and CEO Donna Leigh-Estes said. “It follows a specific routine, and it helps people actually begin to open up to each other, it’s all confidential.”

We’re told, NAMI ROC was first founded by a group of moms with children all with severe and persistent mental health conditions. The idea was to create a platform so care and services could grow with the individual into adulthood.