ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—At the Capitol on Monday, advocates called for the Good Cause Eviction bill to get passed, something some state Democrats want to get done before session comes to an end.

“All too often, those who are not subjected to rent regulation, find themselves out on the street without due process, without a good reason that they’ve been evicted and we see this everywhere,” said Linda Rosenthal, Assembly Housing Committee Chair. “That has to change.”

Republican Senator Pam Helming who is on the Senate’s Housing Committee is against it. She said landlords she’s spoken to don’t want to remove good tenants.

“The problem with good cause of eviction, one of the problems, is that the only way a landlord is going to be able to remove a tenant is basically if the tenant gets into trouble with the police and the police identify problems,” said Helming. “Then that person will be removed, however during that, the rest of the tenants in that building are being disturbed.”

Another bill Democratic lawmakers would like to get signed into law is Clean Slate, legislation that would allow some criminal records to be sealed. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said negotiations were close to being done.

“This is one thing that if again, you paid your debt to society and you have proven that you are doing fine, you should not have something hanging over you for a life time,” said Stewart-Cousins.

Republican lawmakers haven’t been on board with this legislation in previous years.

“I want to be careful. Without knowing the final bill, it’s hard to know what crimes would be completely sealed if you would, and which crimes would not,” said Rob Ortt, Senate Minority Leader. “I have seen bills, certainly if you were convicted of murder, my understanding is, if it’s murder in the first-degree it would not be eligible from the legislation that I’ve seen.”

The legislative session is scheduled to end on Thursday.