Preparing for the winter storm: what you need.


Rochester, N.Y. (WROC)- Winter winds and freezing rain are threating houses in our area Sunday. The buildup of heavy snow and sleet could wreak havoc on homes.

The folks at Ace Hardware here in the North Winton Village recommended stocking up on the essentials and checking your home over for any needed improvements before a big storm hits.

“it could flood, your basement could flood. Could hurt your roof, fill up your gutter stuff like that. Definitely a lot of flooding if there’s a lot of rain and sleet. if it’s snow your roof mainly,” said David Fitzgerald, a sales associate at Ace Hardware.

As people prepare, experts say there are items to have in the home that will help during a storm.

“We sell shovels, we sell salt, so you don’t slip just in case water freezes. Lots of ice usually. We sell stuff in the gutter to keep them from flooding. We sell stuff for the basement like pumps, try and keep your basement from flooding stuff like that,” said Fitzgerald.

Joel Menchel was out today buying supplies. A Rochester resident, he had tips for other homeowners.

“Stay inside stay warm stay safe. drink some hot chocolate have some coffee,” said Joel Menchel, a Rochester resident.

Governor Cuomo is mobilizing multiple agencies to make sure the roads are clear across the state.

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