IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Church held a prayer vigil Friday evening to mark the solemn one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine. The hope was that prayer could offer support for those fighting in Ukraine and for the millions now displaced.

Irene Burke says this gathering isn’t a full Mass, but it certainly carries a lot of meaning. 

“Tonight’s service is called the ‘Moleben’, and it’s a prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede on behalf of Ukraine,” she said.

Father Philip Weiner says a year on, Ukrainians here and aboard need to keep praying… to keep hope alive. 

“We have to continue to give of ourselves so that our brothers and sisters in Ukraine can benefit from the mercy of God through our giving of ourselves,” he said.

He’s asking the public to still carry on with humanitarian efforts, and to use the season of Lent as an occasion to help. 

“…prayer, fasting, and alms, (it’s) something we should continue to do not only during this season but throughout the year,” said Weiner.

Zirka feels the war —unfortunately— will be prolonged. But in this conflict Ukraine she said shocked the world. 

“I think it’s definitely going down to the finish line to the end, they’re not going to give up,” said Zirka.

She said Friday, the power of prayer sent out a positive spirit, wherever it went. Like the Ukrainians still fighting overseas, she said those here cannot cease their appeals to the Almighty. 

“And you don’t give up. You keep going,” said Zirka.

Locally there is a way you can help in addition to prayer via ‘Roc Maidan’. You can find out more by clicking here.