Poll: 1 in 3 New York parents with children are skipping or reducing meals amid pandemic


(WIVB) – One in three parents with young children say they’re skipping or reducing meals during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new statewide poll by Raising NY.

The study, which was conducted by Global Strategy Group, found that 34 percent of parents with infants and toddlers are skipping or reducing meals and one in ten (11 percent) say that they are skipping or reducing meals for their children.

One in three parents surveyed (34 percent) said they’ve had their hours or pay reduced or have taken time off from work to care for their kids due to COVID-19.

Two-thirds said they’re worried about losing their jobs or having their hours reduced in the future, and over half said they feel uneasy about their personal finances.

Of the parents surveyed, 41 percent said their family relied on family-or center-based childcare providers before the pandemic and 42 percent had at least one parent staying home to care for their child.

Five percent said their childcare/daycare program is open currently and their child or children are attending, and 80 percent have at least one parent home.

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