ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Public Safety is at the top of Mayor Malik Evans’s priority list in his first proposed budget for the city of Rochester. If approved by the City Council next month, millions will be going to crime prevention programs and job creation.  

Mayor Malik Evans announced he wants to direct a good amount of funding to areas aimed at stopping crime at its core. Which includes more spending on social work resources and adding full-time positions in crime prevention centers.  

Under this new budget, Mayor Malik Evans wants to invest $8.4 million in projects like Pathways to Peace, the office of Neighborhood Safety, Rochester Peace Collective, Summer Youth Enrichment Programming, and elsewhere.  

“It’s about prevention, intervention, and suppression,” Mayor Evans explained. “And it requires deliberate investments for prevention, intervention, and suppression tactics.”  

Funds are also being allocated to add more full-time positions under the Crisis Intervention Unit while growing recruitment for the police and fire departments. But it’s unclear what positions in RPD get more staffing.  

“We will have adequate staffing in both departments,” Mayor Evans continued. “These investments complement the investments in prevention, intervention, and suppression with partners in the government.” 

“The violence prevention piece is something that we’ve been missing over the years,” Rochester Police Chief David Smith added. “As I’ve said more than once, we can’t arrest our way out of the situations we face. Our budget has remained intact.”  

Chief Smith expressed satisfaction with the proposed budget and negotiations he was involved with to get what the department needs. Explaining they plan to use the new funding to hire more investigators to keep up with rising trends of homicides and other violent crimes.  

“We did some internal arranging in the budget,” Chief Smith told us. “And did take four vacant officer positions and we used them to fund two more investigators and a sergeant that will be going to the major crimes unit.”  

Rochester Police would also be granted new body-worn cameras and what the mayor calls less-lethal bean bag guns to be installed in each car. The City Council is scheduled to vote on this entire budget on June 14.   

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