ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Billionaire businessman and Rochester native Tom Golisano was interviewed Monday morning on Fox and Friends to talk about the state of the presidential race, specifically discussing how the Democratic primary is shaping up.

“I think the Democrats, and I’m no expert on this, but they just appear so far to the left and so anti-capitalist, I think they should be going the other way,” Golisano said.

The Paycheck founder and former owner of the Buffalo Sabres joined the cable news program to discuss the influence of money in politics. He warned against certain candidates’ messages like Sen. Bernie Sanders, who propose higher taxes on the top earners in the country.

“People become billionaires because they usually have accomplished something very significant or something great,” Golisano said. “For example, my company Paychex, we process the payroll and provide human resource services for 670,000 companies in the United States of America. We’ve been very successful as a public company, our stock has been in high demand over the years, we have a market capitalization of $32 billion. We created 15,500 jobs, and we provide these very important services to employers. So how can you knock somebody or an organization who does that type of thing?”

Golisano also spoke about his new book, Built Not Born: A self-made billionaire’s no-nonsense guide for entrepreneurs, which will be released Tuesday.

“Nobody gave me very much at all,” Golisano said. “Took me four years to get my very own first paycheck, that’s how long it took. I had a goal of getting 300 companies and clients in Rochester, New York. It took me four years, and now Paychex sells 2,000 clients per week.”

Watch the full segment — Golisano appears at 11:33 mark of this video: