Rochester City Councilman Adam McFadden has pleaded guilty to charges in the Rochester Housing Authority corruption case.

McFadden admitted to charges of wire fraud and filing a false tax return. Prosecutors say he could face up to 20 years behind bars but may face less under the plea. 

The city councilman was charged in February as part of a scheme involving Rochester Housing Authority chairman George Moses where federal prosecutors said McFadden received money from RHA, but did no work.

Prosecutors said McFadden received more than $65,000 in funds that had been sent through RHA’s partner organization Rochester Housing Charities and a consulting firm and ended up going to a company owned by McFadden.

Moses and McFadden were both charged with wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy.

After his arrest, McFadden said he would not run for re-election to the Rochester City Council. He has served the council since 2003. As a result of his guilty plea, McFadden will be removed from office.

Speaking after court, McFadden said, “Narcissism and ego got the best of me. Today was about owning up and being transparent about what I did and trying to move forward with my life.”

“The FBI and our partners were making a commitment to rooting out public corruption in Rochester, and throughout the western new york community. I just ask public officials everywhere to think twice before abusing the community’s trust,” said Jeremy A. Bell, with the FBI. 

“My office will continue to seek out and bring to justice, those public officials who elevate their own self-interest above that of the public,” said James Kennedy, Jr., U.S. Attorney.  “The term public servant is not synonymous with the term public money, self-service as Mr. McFadden seemed to think. he indicated himself, his crimes were for I think he put it in court as a result of his narcissism and his ego.” 

Statements by Mayor Lovely Warren and Corporation Counsel Tim Curtin regarding Adam McFadden

(Monday, April 1, 2019) – Mayor Lovely A. Warren: “Today’s plea is another step in allowing the Rochester Housing Authority to move forward to better meet the needs of its residents. I will continue to work with its leadership to ensure all of our residents have access to quality affordable housing. 
As I stated when these charges were filed, no one is above the law. Our legal system has provided justice in this case and I am grateful to our law enforcement officials for their efforts to protect our community.”
Corporation Counsel Tim Curtin: “Due to today’s news, it is important that I reiterate the relationship between the City of Rochester and the Rochester Housing Authority. The City provides no funding to RHA, which is fully funded by the federal government. The RHA commissioners are responsible for overseeing all RHA operations, including, but not limited to, the Authority’s budget, procurement and hiring. Under State Law, the Mayor is responsible for appointing five of the seven Commissioners. The City also has no role or involvement whatsoever regarding Rochester Housing Charities.”