WASHINGTON (WROC) — Congressman Joe Morelle (D-25) announced that he intends to support impeachment proceedings when the U.S. House of Representatives gather Tuesday afternoon.

The Democratic representative released a statement regarding his intentions Tuesday, saying in part:

“The President’s disturbing pattern of unlawful behaviors an offense to the very principles and ideals our nation was founded upon and clearly demonstrates that he believes the laws of the United States do not apply to him.Therefore, I believe it is in the national interest that the United States House of Representatives moves forward with impeachment proceedings”

— Congressman Joe Morelle

Morelle’s announcement came hours before a key internal meeting with top Democrats was scheduled to take place.

If the House approves such a resolution, a trial is then held in the Senate. However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that such a motion would never reach the Senate floor.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will make an announcement Tuesday after she meets with House chairmen and members of the Democratic caucus.

Her comments come as more than a dozen Democrats, many of them moderates, have endorsed impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

The calls come as Democrats have questioned whether Trump improperly used his office to pressure the Ukrainian president to investigate political rival Joe Biden’s family. The administration is withholding a whistleblower complaint at least partly related to that matter from Congress.

Full statement from Rep. Morelle