Objection filed against Robin Wilt's petition to run for 136th Assembly seat

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) - Robin Wilt's petition to run for the 136th Assembly District is facing a new challenge.

This week, four candidates submitted petitions in the race to replace Joe Morelle: Jaclyn Richard, Jamie Romeo, Robin Wilt and Todd Grady.

Right now, the specific objection is not yet known. However, News 8 reported earlier this month that there were questions surrounding Wilt's residency status.

To run for state Assembly, candidates must have lived in their district for five years. Wilt says she has owned her home in Brighton for 15 years, but News 8 found that she had lived and voted in Seattle between 2012 to 2016 before returning to Brighton.

"I have very deep roots to Rochester, I have owned my home for 15 years," Wilt told News 8 on July 4. "I am well-qualified to run for the office."

The state Democratic primary is September 13.

UPDATE: Jaclyn Richard has released the following statement:

"We take New York State election law seriously. Anyone wanting to serve as state legislator should, too.

"The facts are clear. Robin Wilt was a resident of Washington State, where she voted, served on the local Democratic committee, and served as a delegate for Bernie Sanders. If she was really a resident of New York State all of that time, she broke Washington state election laws.

"Courts have repeatedly held you have to be a resident of New York State for the five years immediately preceding the election. Wilt apparently wants to waste time and resources on this issue.

"We will be asking the Monroe County Board of Elections to review the situation when we file our specific objection next week."

UPDATE (7/16): New objections have been filed against Robin Wilt in the race for the 136th state Assembly district seat.

We've learned three more objections have been filed against Wilt who faces questions over her eligibility due to residency requirements.

We've reached out several times to the Wilt campaign for comment. And other than expressing concerns about how her residency issue was originally reported, she has refused to elaborate on those concerns, nor has she provided any additional comment on the challenges to her run.

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