Police: ‘Run, hide, fight’ in active shooter situation


With mass shootings so common, experts say it’s easy to become desensitized to the violence. Sergeant James Coughlin from the Gates Police Department told us the three steps to remember if you’re ever in an active shooter situation are run-

“Create distance- get as far away from the threat as possible.”


“Find something to hide behind. The bigger, the heavier the object the better.”

The last resort is to fight-

“Fight for your life. That means throwing objects, subduing the suspect, do what you gotta do to survive.”

He also said barricading yourself in a room is a good idea.

“Gunmen aren’t going to sit there and try and have a conversation to try to get you to open the door, they’re more interested in taking out as many people as possible. Typically if the door’s locked they’ll move on to a different location,” said Coughlin.

He said if there’s one point he wants to hammer home it’s to get to the exit as soon as possible and move away from the gunshots.

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