(CBS) – Love for pizza has gone through the roof during the pandemic. Whether it’s getting them delivered, grabbing one from the freezer section, or grabbing a slice to go, sales have skyrocketed.

“A lot of people struggled during the pandemic. Many, many people were out of work or looking to operate on tighter budgets. Pizza is a quick and easy way to feed many people for not a lot of money,” CNBC correspondent Kate Rogers said.

While countless restaurants are closing their doors nationwide, business is booming at pizzerias.

Domino’s has hired 30,000 new employees since the pandemic began and many small pizza shops have seen an uptick, too.

Village Square Pizza in New York City saw deliveries soar over 100 percent. They even opened up a second location across town.

Food blogger Dina Deleasa of DishItGirl.com said there are ways to jazz up frozen pizza.

“It’s kind of like a blank canvas. So you can use anything that you’ve got going on in your refrigerator,” Deleasa said.