Parents raise questions about Bus Driver shortage canceling school, and plans to fix it


BROCKPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — After waking up to a surprising announcement no school for the entire Brockport Central School District due to a bus driver shortage, parents are eagerly waiting for an update on what the district’s plan is to move forward.  

Shortages of Bus Drivers are nothing new since the school year began due to the health risks of the pandemic still lingering. But this was the first time Brockport Central School District had to cancel an entire day of school because of it. Parents did not get much of a warning.  

“There will be no school today Thursday, Dec. 9. for students in grades pre-k through 12th due to a Bus Driver shortage,” a recording from the district read on parents’ voicemails.  

The calls came out around 6:00 am as students and their families were just waking up to start the day and get to work.  

“It was short notice,” Halee Whiting, whose daughter goes to school in Brockport said. “Not everybody has that flexibility, but I still own a business with a team, so I had to shift around today.”  

Many questions remain like what caused the bus driver’s shortage to be so bad no school could be held? What changes will the district make for Friday? Or how many more drivers do they need? We reached out numerous times to Brockport Central School District for an explanation but got no direct answers. Meanwhile, families are making any adjustments they can. 

“I’m sure somebody would have to take off from work,” Catherine Tokash told us while out shopping with her granddaughter. “As soon as possible I’d like everything to be done.”  

“I hope they fix it quickly,” Whiting added. “Thankfully working remote and owning my own business, I have a little flexibility, but I always shoot a text out to her friend’s parents that don’t have that flexibility that if they need to drop their kids off at my place they can.”  

A spokesperson for Brockport Central School District eventually told us the Board and Superintendent have been in meetings all day to plan their next step. Parents are anxiously waiting for what changes to expect.  

“A little bit of transparency and why there’s a shortage,” Whiting stated. “Because there might be people who are in this district who might have some ideas to help with that. If it’s a hiring issue maybe put some good hiring incentives out there.”  

Despite this closure, all after-school concerts, athletic practices, and the Oliver Middle Schools fundraiser pick-up for 6-7th graders are still going on as scheduled. We’ll have more updates on the bus schedule moving forward as they come in. 

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