ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — For those who work outdoors in the winter, it can be especially challenging to ‘beat the cold.’

News 8 caught up with some outdoor workers Friday, to find out how they try to keep warm in frigid conditions. 

Car mechanics and auto shop workers might be some of the busiest workers on a frigid day, making sure gas tanks are filled up and drivers can get from point A to point B.

“It’s the kind of job where you have to be able to work outside. It’s a hard job to do and the people that work for me that do it, I’m very thankful for,” said Paul Marone, owner of East Ave. Auto.

Marone says when the temps go low, his team is prepared.

“These are an insulated glove. And it has fur-lining inside and a plastic seal on the outside, so they’re waterproof on a day like today,” said Bob Gropp, manager of East Ave. Auto, “Most of our full-service customers come up. It’s great for them, they’re not in the cold or the element. We knock the snow off the front and back window and they’re good to go.”

As one of the few full-service gas stations left in Rochester, employees have to stick it out a bit longer. And while they say they don’t mind, they do have a few words of advice.

“I was prepared for it to be worse, but if you can stay in where it’s warm, stay there. A cup of coffee and I think we’re good to go,” said Gropp.

“In Rochester, I like to say, ‘Stick around a few minutes, and the weather will change,'” said Marone.