SOUTH BRISTOL, N.Y. (WROC) — On December 12, 1964, News 8 was at the ribbon cutting on Bristol Mountain!

Alas, there was hardly any snow that day. Instead, skiers found plenty of mud. After two days of thaw, there was no point running the snow-making machine.

But none of that prevented folks from attending the grand opening.

The mountain was cleared months earlier and the ski lodge built that fall.

Howard Samuels of Canandaigua snipped the ribbon. Samuels was a millionaire who by then had turned to career in politics. As a Democrat he made an unsuccessful bid for governor two years earlier.

Another fun fact about the grand opening of Bristol Mountain?

Then senator-elect Robert F. Kennedy was supposed to be there as he’d just been in Rochester to meet community and business officials.

However, scheduling kept him away.