ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)— Governor Kathy Hochul signed 10 new election bills into law.

“Our laws are going to modernize and improve every step of the process from registering to casting your ballot to the electoral college,” said Governor Hochul. “It includes a law that will allow every New Yorker to vote early by mail.”

It’s something Democrats say works well in other states and even was used in New York during the pandemic.

Republicans, however, oppose the new law—pointing to a 2021 ballot proposition that voters didn’t approve of. It would have authorized no-excuse absentee voting.

“When the people in the State of New York, over 60%, tell you know they don’t want this, but they go ahead and do it anyways– it’s kind of like thumbing your nose at the people,” said Republican Assemblyman Chris Tague.

Now, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and other Republicans are suing Governor Hochul and the state. In a statement Stefanik said in part, “Under Kathy Hochul’s failed leadership, elections are less secure and less transparent, and will now be unconstitutional.”

Susan Learner, Executive Director of Common Cause New York said there is a difference between absentee voting and vote by mail.

“Our state constitution, like that in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and other states, gives the legislature broad authority to decide the manner in which people are able to vote. And so vote by mail, which allows any eligible voter to request a mail ballot, is grounded in that authority.”