CANANDAIGUA, NY (WROC) For dementia patients, stimulating their minds and sparking a trip to memory lane can have real benefits. Some residents at a local nursing home are now getting those experiences, without needing to leave their armchairs.

The Ontario Center in Canandaigua recently invested in virtual reality technology for their residents, in hopes it’ll increase cognitive function. The center says not only this would be fun for their seniors, but it’ll encourage them to focus on exercising for a more extended period.

The 360-degree headset comes with several programs where residents can visit different countries or even go under the sea.

For Connie McCune, she used to travel a lot with her late husband during her prime and says this program at is right up her alley.

“The pictures were gorgeous. The fish would swim, right up you could almost touch them. It was a nice experience. I’d like to have a few more,” said McCune. “It’s a good way to see the world. I think they have every topic. I watched one of the coral reefs. It was beautiful. I have never seen one of those, so you see things when you don’t have an opportunity to see one.”

As technology advances, doctors say this new tool will transform conventional treatment methods in hopes to have optimal results with their patients.