ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) – A new state law is aimed at protecting your privacy during an emergency. It prevents first response services from selling your information.

The legislation closes any loopholes that may allow first response services sell patient information for marketing purposes.

It was recently signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo this week. Health care providers and your insurance are the exception under the new law.

Previous state laws allowed patient information to be disclosed to a third party. 

The legislation was first introduced in 2014, by Assembly member Edward Braunstein of Queens, after reports that the NYC Fire Department may have been selling patient protected information. Their policy has changed ever since, but lawmakers want to reassure this would never happen again statewide. The bill never fully made it through the legislature until now.

Governor Cuomo said it’ll deter patient information from landing in the wrong hands.  In a statement he released reads in part: 

“Nothing is more personal than your health records, and New Yorkers have a right to privacy when it comes to this incredibly sensitive information.”

The new law will go into effect in February of next year.