HILTON, N.Y. (WROC) — To help support school bus safety and hold reckless drivers accountable in Monroe County, several local school districts are installing cameras to the buses in their fleets.

The partnership with the company providing the technology, BusPatrol, is part of a new safety program launched by Monroe County Executive Adam Bello.

According to BusPatrol representatives, Hilton Central Schools will be rolling out the cameras first. They will be followed by Webster, East Irondequoit, and Spencerport districts as well as Monroe-BOCES. More than 400 school buses will be equipped with the technology among the participating districts.

With use of the new cameras, BusPatrol works with law enforcement agencies and the Monroe County Department of Public Safety to capture drivers who illegally pass a stopped school bus.

The service will be able to issue citations to offending drivers, with the first being a fine of $250.

Company officials say their goal is to boost visibility for this type of crime and to fast-track the process of holding offenders accountable.

“We can help law enforcement pinpoint those violators and ensure those individuals endangering children are held accountable. We deter them from doing this ever again moving forward. We do this because we want to make sure there’s a more effective, efficient way to hold violators accountable and to protect kids on their journey to and from school,” said Jason Elan, head of external affairs for BusPatrol.

For Hilton Central, the first district to utilize the cameras locally, citations will be issued beginning November 15. A 30-day warning period began Monday, where the company will distribute warning letters to offending drivers in that area.

BusPatrol hopes to expand services throughout Monroe County in the future. Currently, Rochester city schools are not eligible as the city of Rochester would have to adopt its own safety program comparatively to Monroe County.

For more information on BusPatrol and its services, visit here.