ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A stretch of Ridge Rd. just west of the Town of Williamson was rocked Saturday after a traffic stop turned deadly.

State Police pulled over an individual — identified Monday as 32-year-old Alexander Ray — for speeding. They were standing, speaking with Ray — a Columbus, Ohio resident — when the car fled the scene at a high rate of speed. Ray then allegedly lost control, and crashed into a car, shed and eventually, a house. He were pronounced dead at the scene, and his identity was withheld pending family notification.

Neighbors spoke with News 8 about what they saw unfold.

This part of Wayne County is usually a quiet calm area with little trouble, but that all drastically changed when people going about their normal Saturday errands found themselves caught in the middle of a police chase.

Across two different yards next to the Ridge Rd. Fernaays St. intersection, debris from a parked car and shed still sit scattered all over, with a garage busted where the car crashed. Anna Judd, who lives across the street recalls watching it all play out.

“I thought it was an explosion because the shed went everywhere and then we saw the car go right through another car,” Judd said. “It hit the car, then it hit the shed and it hit the house.”

For 23 years, Roger Haak has lived on this stretch of Ridge Rd. and has never seen something this chaotic. He was out for a drive when the driver fleeing police nearly collided with him.

“If I was 30 seconds further down Ridge Rd. than where I was, then I would have been in the middle of that bend at the same time he came through,” Haak said. “He was going so fast the front side of his car was tilted down driving him into my side.”

State Police initially stopped Ray after seeing him speed down Ridge Rd. but the car took off after being pulled over. Moments after the crash, those who lived off Ridge Rd. saw their community turn into a major crime scene.

“There was like three cop cars that pulled up and came running out with their guns,” Judd said. “And then I was like, wait a minute — this is not an accident, there’s something else going on. It was very scary so I yelled get away from the windows because we were all watching.”

Ray was pronounced dead at the scene, but no one at the homes crashed into or along the road were injured.

“That was definitely a good feeling because the people over there have young children,” Gary Rivoli, who lives just off Ridge Road, said. “I know the kid next door works for himself and a lot of the things he sells were scattered across the lawn and I think his only vehicle was destroyed. So I feel for people. We’re just working class people out here.”

In the aftermath of this, some neighbors have offered to help the clean up process for the neighbors that were hit. They all urge anyone who feels the need to speed or run from police to think about their safety first, but also the safety of the innocent people around them.  

State Police said their investigation continues investigation continues.