ROCHESTER N.Y. (WROC) – Friday the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office addressed ongoing theft happening in retail stores here in Monroe County.

These thefts have resulted in over 40 arrests in 32 appearance tickets in the span of three days. 

Investigator Sergeant David Bolton with MCSO says the purpose of organizing this detail was to see what the problem was and if there actually is a problem to address. He says there definitely was.

He says this initially started as a complaint, it was then investigated and then this detail was put into action.

In three days, a total of 49 arrests were made for committing felonies regarding stolen property over $1,000, committing burglary, and entering a store after knowingly being banned.

He says people may think it’s not that big of a loss when stealing from big box stores, but it is. 

“It’s a loss because the store is not going to eat that money. you say the big box store isn’t going to miss it or they can afford it. Maybe they can but they’re not going to, they’re going to pass that cost onto you. For you and I that may not be that big of a deal, that cost might be minimal but what about the cost of the person who can’t afford what they’re getting now and now we’ve raised that price artificially,” he said.

MCSO says they will continue to run the details until they have enough data to show what needs to be shown or until crime stops.

Investigator Sergeant Bolton adds that retail theft is even more harmful to small local businesses because it can lead to store closures.