ROCHESTER, N.Y (WROC) — The risk of flight delays and cancellations has been minimal at the Fredrick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport so far. But as this busy travel weekend continues there are important preparation tips airport officials want you to know. 

This has been the busiest week leading up to the Fourth of July Fredrick Douglas has seen since before the pandemic. They have seen some trickledown effects from backups at other airports causing delays or cancellations, so it’s important travelers plan ahead  

Coming in this morning, Martha Wright was anxious to take off for a birthday trip with her children. But after checking in an hour before takeoff, they learned their flight was held up in Jacksonville for a while.  

“We’re heading to Orlando, but our flight is being delayed an hour and 45 minutes,” Wright said. “We had a few problems and complications but we got it together.”  

In six of the last seven days, Rochester has seen more than 4,000 people depart from its terminals. McKenzie Watts figured lots of people would be traveling for the Fourth of July, so she came extra early, even though her flight to Baltimore isn’t delayed.  

“They told me I was here too early, and they wouldn’t let me check my luggage,” Watts said. “So, you just never know if your friend gets a flat tire, and they can’t take you. It’s much better to be way early than late.” 

In Rochester, the TSA checkpoints are fully staffed and plan to be throughout the weekend. As almost all fifty of today’s departing flights are full.  

“We have had some cancellations here but the impact I would say is significantly less than throughout the country,” Assistant Airport Director Steve Barz explained.  

As back-ups continue in airports in major cities, those at Fredrick Douglas urge passengers to stay up to date with flight statuses before leaving home. 

“You can check that easily on,” Barz continued. “We have all our flight schedules there. Additionally, all the airlines have different mobile apps or email notifications where they’ll keep you up to date on your flight status too.”  

According to Flight Aware, 22 planes coming into Rochester to pick up new passengers have been delayed so far today, while four were canceled. 

If you plan to travel this weekend, airports still recommend you wear a mask when in crowded terminals or inside a plane. To keep new covid cases trending downward.