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Military officials brief president and Congress on UFO sightings after growing concerns


Servicemen and women have brought frequent UFO sightings to the attention of the president and other lawmakers.

A veteran fighter-pilot saw an unidentified flying object outside his cockpit window on a U.S. military training mission in Florida in 2015.

“There’s a whole fleet of them. Look on the S.A. My gosh. They’re going against the wind. The wind is 120 knots to the West. Look at that thing dude!”

Many other UFO’s have been sighted by American military pilots.

The Navy briefed members of Congress on these sightings, calling the UFO’s a “threat to the safety and security of our aviators.”

“That was one of the most amazing things, to us or at least to me, is that these things would be out there all day. And the speeds that they were exhibiting, as well as the flight characteristics, there’s no platform or really energy source that I’m aware of that can allow something to stay in the air as long as these objects were,” said former Navy Fighter Pilot, Ryan Graves.

The UFO’s haven’t exactly kept their distance from the pilots.

“Someone accidentally had one of the objects fly in between his aircraft at a very close range and gained a visual. Realized it was very unlikely that it was a U.S. drone program,” said Graves.

As expected, there are skeptics of this UFO activity, including Bill Nye and President Trump.

“It’s probably one part of the military not telling the other part of the military what they’re up top, for a good reason,” said Nye ‘The Science Guy’.

The president said that he had a very short briefing on the topic and wasn’t sure if he believed it.

Other skeptics believe that the objects could simply be military hardware being tested on classified missions unbeknownst to the pilots who spotted them.

A Navy official said that they are working with the Air Force and other branches to better understand what pilots are seeing.

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