ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) —While the state’s new marijuana laws does allow for home cultivation of the plant, home cultivation is not legal just yet because the state is still creating growing regulation and experts say it could take years before seeds can be planted.

With the news of marijuana legalization in New York state, interested growers have been coming to places like Sunset Hydroponics & Home Brewing to find out more about planting marijuana. 

“Definitely expect to see quite an influx. I’ve actually had a lot of people coming in just asking questions and just browsing around,” Noel Batterson, Store Manager, Sunset Hydroponics & Home Brewing, said.

One reason they might not be buying growing supplies right now is because you can’t plant marijuana just yet. This is because the state is still hammering out specific regulations for home-growing, something lawmakers and activists like Steve VanDeWalle with Tiva Naturals say could take months.

“The earliest I think That could be and this is being very optimistic is January of 2022, right, cause right now that the bill been passed, it goes into the rule making process where you work out all the technical jargons of the bill,” Steve VanDeWalle, founder CEO Tiva Naturals, said.

Six months after those rules take effect is when medical users can begin growing, but recreational users will have to wait 18 months to plant. 

“The bill is very ambiguous and that could very well be clarified in the rule making process but in this moment in time I do not advise anybody to start cultivating cannabis at home until we have a little more clarification around the bill,” VanDeWalle said.

Once the laws are set, people can grow up to six plants per person or up to 12 per household.

It takes the same gear that Hydroponics business already sell, and Batterson expects more interested growers to come in this summer with questions. 

“You can use a lot of the same nutrients honestly for like when your growing vegetables and fruits even flowers a lot of the same process,” Batterson said. “I do expect it be busy we are hiring a few extra people on just to make sure we have enough coverage.”

State lawmakers have said it could take up to a year or longer to set up the systems and regulations that would allow for home marijuana cultivation.