Louise Slaughter was part of eleven women inducted in the National Woman’s Hall of fame for the 2019 year.

Lauren Secatore, is here granddaughter. She accepted the award in Slaughter’s honor. She talked about her grandmother Former Congresswoman Louise slaughter.

“If you were her constituent, you know that she believed Rochester was the greatest city in America,” said Secatore.

Slaughter served in the state assembly for three years before being elected to congress. She represented areas in Monroe County, including Rochester.

Having this ceremony so close to where she served meant a lot to the family.

“I ran into multiple constitutes along the way who wanted to see hi and tell me where that had meet grandma so It was lovely to have it here,” said Secatore.

Slaughter lived in Fairport. Her family says she would have been honored to come back home and accept the award.

“She would have been humbled and grateful and proud that her family was here but to stand with wombat who she spent a whole lifetime trying to honor their legacy and give them the respect and attention that they deserve, she would have been honored,” said Secatore.

Slaughter is remembered as the longest-serving woman in congress. She held a seat for 30 years.

For young girls like Amanda Mena, who performed at the ceremony the woman inducted today are icons.

“Just so happy that I got the honor to met them to speak with them just learn, they gave me a lot of wisdom in the time that I spend with them so It was just awesome,” said Amanda Mena.

Family hope that woman today and learn from Former Congressman Slaughter.

One message she had- Never back down.