ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — A lot of the Covid filtration units that are hot right now across Western New York, can be traced back to R.P. Fedder Industrial in Rochester.

“Virtually every school system, university, hospital, industrial complex, government building, just to name a few,” says Christopher Fox, owner of R.P. Fedder Industrial.

Fox says since the region has begun reopening, many of us have relied on the plethora of products there. There are about 300 different types of units and thousands of filters to help get coronavirus out of circulation. 

“Those particles (measured in microns) will get captured and drawn out of the air before they can infect somebody else,” says Fox.

For some places to open, like gyms, this filtration is a requirement. Fox says with winter coming and people indoors more, virtually every business is looking to kick Covid out of the air. To install some of these products, he says they probably will not be a massive project or hit to the pocket book. 

“So what building managers are doing is they’re basically upgrading the filters that are in their air handling units,” he says.

Nelson Habecker, who owns East Ave. Liquor in Rochester, says he’s looking for a Covid filtration upgrade, and he’s setting his sights on R.P Fedder’s portable ultra violet units; it’s something he’d like to get a few of.

“We’re more worried than ever, so everything we can do to help keep our customers and employees safe is what I want to do,” says Habecker.

Fox says with the filters, businesses will have to swap them out every three to six months. He says while his factories have been booming, there is one downside to this demand. 

“The materials needed to make these higher efficiency filters are becoming scarcer and scarcer,” says Fox.

Fox says R.P. Fedder ships all over the world, and even if the pandemic calms down, he says they will likely still be pumping out product in a post-Covid world.

To see videos on R.P Fedder and their Covid filtration units, click here.