ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Lollypop Farm and Humane Law Enforcement officers are asking for the public’s help as they work to learn what led up to the shooting of a 15-year-old pregnant horse, according to their Facebook page.

According to Lollypop Farm, the American Quarter Horse got loose from the pastures on Redman and West Ridge Road in Brockport. The owner found it in a field not far from his property line.

The horse was found with a gunshot wound to its side. An investigation revealed the shot also shattered her shoulder. Lollypop Farm said both the horse and her colt suffered before dying.

“Horses are considered livestock, they don’t fall under the felony animal cruelty charge in New York State,” said Reno Didomenico, the Vice President of Law Enforcement for Lollypop Farm. “That’s something we’ve been fighting for for a long time. If we do find who did this, they’re looking at a misdemeanor charge.

Lollypop Farm said Humane Law Enforcement officers are investigating this situation. Anyone with information regarding the case can submit tips here or call (585) 223-6500.