ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House might be the target of a serial arsonist.

The museum was set on fire towards the end of September, which ended up burning part of the back porch. The museum’s president, Deborah Hughes, says there is reason to believe the fire was started intentionally.

Then in early December, Hughes says they believe the same person returned and tried to set a second fire.

“The second fire damaged the porch here. It’s underneath the snow so it was handled fairly easily,” Hughes said. The back of the porch is still being fixed.

“That porch was built around 1906 and 1907, actually there was an earlier porch frame that was there so we might actually replace that one with one that was here for more of Susan B Anthony’s time living here. “

Hughes says the fires are “unsettling,” but adds she is thankful the community and investigators have been so supportive during this time.

“People have been really wonderful and supportive, and we do have faith that the investigators are going to find the person,” she said. “The fire department has been phenomenal. Both fires could have been a disaster, but instead, were handled very well.”

Hughes estimates the damage will end up costing about 80-thousand dollars. Both fires remain under investigation.

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