ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced this year’s regular deer and bear hunting season in New York’s Southern Zone began on Saturday.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies are continuing to investigate a fatal hunting incident from yesterday morning. According to the DEC, the Southern Zone regular firearm season is New York’s most popular, with participation from about 85 percent of New York’s 550,000 licensed hunters. This hunting period accounts for approximately 60% of the total statewide deer harvest and 30% to 60% of the statewide bear harvest. the DEC is actively encouraging hunters to review safety regulations to enhance their hunting experience and keep themselves and other hunters safe.

“It’s not rocket science, it’s not hard,” said Brian DeLucia, a white-tailed deer Hunter from childhood “wear orange, know your surroundings, and know your target.”

DeLucia, who lives in our region, tells News 8 that even before going out, hunters should scope out the area where they will be active.

“Know what’s behind your target most importantly,” he said “know if there’s a house on the other side of the woods, or a farmers silo or a tractor, whatever the case may be always know the terrain.”

There are also different ways to hunt. For example some hunters do what’s called a deer drive where there are two groups— one that pushes the deer and the shooters. DeLucia takes a different approach. “What I try to do is pick one deer out,” he said “and I’ll try to only focus in on that one deer.”

The regular deer and bear hunting season continues until Dec 10th. Following the regular deer and bear hunting seasons in the Southern Zone, late bowhunting and muzzleloading seasons will run from December 11