ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — There are times when victims of sexual exploitation are branded with tattoos, leaving a memory that is a constant reminder.

A shop at 121 Park Avenue called ‘Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal‘ is offering free procedures for those who have suffered in this type of illegal industry.

Co-owner Jordan Curran said he wants to get the word out on this because many people just don’t know this industry exists and it’s a way to help people move forward.

This idea of free removal for victims began when ‘Rethink’ reached out to the Sexual Exploitation Court of Rochester and the court told the team, there is a big demand for this. Curran said the feeling to offer this service for victims is ‘priceless’.

“Women who have been human trafficked — or even sexually exploited, sometimes they’ll be branded by their captors, or pimps, or groomers, or whatever you want to call them. And when they would get out of this horrific world, they would be reminded of these deeply traumatic times in their life. And we just thought that was horrific. And we really saw that as an opportunity to give back,” said Curran.

Co-owner Matthew Trenkler says the sex trade is something people fall into often against their will.

“It’s a life that no one want. They didn’t ask for this – you know? And when they get out of it, it’s just a daily reminder whether it be a branding symbol, whether it be initials, whether it be on their face or their arm. It can be anywhere on their body. It’s just a brand and we want to remove that for them,” said Trenkler.

And Rethink wants customers to know — they respect your privacy. They don’t ask about tattoos, they just want to do the work.