Local residents canceling trips to the Dominican Republic


ROCHESTER NY – (WROC) – Several people in our area have canceled their trips to the Dominican Republic. At least 10 Americans have died while vacationing on the Caribbean island since June 2018.

David Passero and his family canceled their plans to visit the Dominican Republic. They made the plans more than 6 months ago. The death of several Americans on the island changed his mind.

“They do not know what happened,” said Passero. “Was it the water, was it the alcohol, or was it somebody who broke into the rooms. When you don’t know it makes you uneasy.”

According to Christine Randise, AAA manager of Travel and Insurance, some members are opting to change their vacation plans.

“With the unfortunate situation that is going on in the Dominican Republic right now we do have a few members to call, ” said Randise. “Some are continuing with their plans and others have opted to change their plans.

The latest incident is a New York man who died after a sudden illness last month. As the concern continues to mount more and more consumers are canceling their vacation plans to the destination.

“There could be a penalty involved,” said Randise. “But most airlines, hotels, and vendors are good with working with people.”

No matter what her customers decided Randise says her main priority is protecting her customers.

There have been many questions raised on whether it is safe to travel to the Caribbean destination. Currently, the U.S. hasn’t issued a travel warning specific to the deaths in the Dominican Republic.

Tourism Minister Francisco Javier Garcia says “these are isolated incidents and the Dominican Republic is a safe destination.”

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