Begin Again Horse Rescue in Lima is rehabbing 11 miniature horses who police say were found malnourished in a pasture in Phelps on Thursday. 

When police found them on Maryland Road in the Town of Phelps, they say the horses were without food and water and police say one newborn miniature horse was dead. 

Police said they also found seven domestic geese at the location without food and water. 

The owner of the animals, 31-year-old Renee Mobley, was arrested and charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty and failure to provide food/water to a confined animal. 

The Ontario County Humane Society approached Begin Again Horse Rescue Farm about rehabbing the 11 animals; both organizations met on Friday to rescue the horses. 

Jennifer Lilly is the Vice President of Begin Again Horse Rescue farm. Lilly said all 11 are malnourished.

“All of the horses are underweight, some to the point of being emaciated,” Lilly said. “There was no hoof care. Their hooves are extremely overgrown, twisted and some are rotting. Their teeth, some are missing, some are broken and all of them were neglected.”

All 11 horses have lice too.

“They will be put on a feeding program,” Lilly said. “They have to be built up slowly so their digestive systems can get used to food again. They will all be groomed and handled with lots of love and attention.”

We stopped by Renee Mobley’ house Monday night but she wouldn’t go on camera. She told News 8 she did care for her horses.

Mobley has a bail hearing set for Wednesday.  

The Ontario County Humane Society will pay for all eleven horses vet bills as the case continues.
The Begin Again Horse Rescue Farm pays for their daily care and supplies. 
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